My Story

by Laila Yaghi 

It has been over a year since my son has been put in jail for an innocent trip he took overseas with his friend over 3 years ago!

My son and his friend have been friends since childhood and being close and adventurous wanted to go overseas to learn Arabic and see family members and for my son also to look for a bride.

Ziyad Yaghi a teen ager no more than 19 was trying to do it the right way, but the FBI decided to use this for their own gain and indicted my son and his friend with charges after almost 3 years from coming back from overseas! 

The charges are; that they went overseas to kill people!

Ziyad now has been in jail for over a year!  His young life ahead of him threatened with life imprisonment if found guilty!  Ziyad was trying to go to College just before they arrested him!

Ziyad Yaghi is a young man who would get mad if I did not feed homeless people and shelter them!  A young man with such a sweet heart, who would not let me kill ants that have crept on to my kitchen sink!

I have written to President Obama pleading with him to end this injustice but he did not respond!  I also wrote to the ACLU, ADC, MFLA and much more, with no sympathy at all!

What can I do?  How can this racial profiling end?  How can this targeting against Muslim people be stopped??

This is our country, yet we are being oppressed in our own country simply because we are Muslims!

On July 27th of 2009, I came home after helping an older lady run her errands and found that my son’s cell phone was on the computer desk.  I got kind of worried and then tried to reassure myself that he just forgot his cell phone

Few minutes later the same lady I was helping called and told me that my son and his friend have been arrested!

I thought that she was just hallucinating due to her age but then she said call Omar’s dad (Omar is my son’s friend who has also been arrested)!  I called Omar’s dad and he was crying and affirmed the information!

I screamed and ran upstairs and downstairs crying and yelling, “Why God oh why until there was no strength left in me”!

Ziyad called the same day saying that he does not even know why he is in jail and was talking in such a faint voice


The next day, I was visited by two FBI guys questioning me about a certain individual of their interest whom they also arrested.  I told them that I don’t know anything about what they are inquiring and they told me that they “feel” that my son knows something and that they want to pressure him enough so he can tell the “truth”

Neither Ziyad nor I know tell this day what the FBI are looking for!!! All what we know is that they have took an innocent person and put him in jail because of their assumptions

A young man’s life has been interrupted and mistreated because of an assumption!  My life has been interrupted and filled with depression and tears.  I cannot even hold a professional job neither a full time job because of what is happening to us!

If there is anything any one can do to help us, please do.  Being silent will just make things worse and hurt more innocent lives

Please join me on FB under Laila Yaghi and sign the petitions and NEVER FORGET all these innocent people who are in jail and all these mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who are crying because of this malicious injustice and tyranny that has happened to them

Please visit Laila's FACEBOOK here.

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