Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years- Israel Shahak

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     Israel Shahak aka Himmelstaub lived in the Warsaw Ghetto
during WWII and was liberated from Bergen Belsen concentration camp, from where he emigrated to Israel. There, he consistently opposed Israeli imperialism and anti-Arab racism. In this book, Shahak exposes the immoral nature of Jewish fundamentalism, caused by Talmudic and rabbinical laws, and its tragic and often catastrophic impact on Jewish history. Written from a humanitarian viewpoint by a Jewish scholar, this is a rare criticism of Judaism that will both excite and disturb readers worldwide.Unwittingly so, in its religious and historical criticism of Judaism, Shahak’s views as an experienced insider are surprisingly close to similar German critics of the early 20th century.
“Shahak is the latest – if not the last – of the great prophets.”
—Gore Vidal
“The future of the Palestinian people would have looked much brighter if there had been more Israelis like Shahak […] An outstanding personality.” —The Jerusalem Times
Foreword by Gore Vidal

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